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  • Height:5'1"
  • Weight:127lbs / 57kg
  • Division:Spartan Racer - Prior WPD COMPETITOR
  • Languages:English
  • Max Lifts

    These change almost weekly! Just ask me what’s current.
  • Athletic Background

    Fast pitch softball player growing up - asa/usssa club traveling teams until college. Played some college ball as well. I’ve always been an athlete playing any and all sports growing up and into adulthood. I started training to compete in August of 2017, and then jumped on stage for the first time in April 2018 where I won the overall for WPD. I then got my ass handed to me at the Amateur Olympia (I took 6th) in 2019. In September of 2020 I decided to stop with the NPC and start training for Spartan Races.
  • Competitive Accomplishments

    WPD - overall winner in April 2018 Amateur Olympia - 6th 2019 DIVORCED decided to go into Spartan Races - September 2020 2021 - Spartan Racer