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  • Height:5'7"
  • Weight:165lbs / 74kg
  • Division:IFBB Womens bodybuilding
  • Languages:English only
  • Athletic Background:IFBB PRO female bodybuilder Boxing skills, no fake skills, id put up more videos but the demand needs to be there very flexible, i havent had a dance teacher since i was in high school, but in the last year ive joined up off and on with Pole dance and i am in love. so when i stop competing you all know where i am lol
  • Competitive Accomplishments:National title in 2008 earn pro card. 2010 NY PRO miss title by 1 pnt 2010 Ms olympia 4th 2011 Ms Olympia 6th 2012 Tampa Pro 2nd, miss title by 2 pnt. Ms Olympia 6th 2014 Tampa Pro Title, Ms. Olympia 7th 2016 Tampa Pro Title, 2016 Wings of Strength 2nd place 2017 Tampa Pro title 3rd time in a row, never done in history im the first 2017 Wings of Strength 2nd again and best peformer 2018 Wings of Strength 3 pl and gave me second place for best poser , uh huh 2019: I switched to Physique. Vancouver Pro 2nd place missed 1st by 1 point lol 2019: Tampa Pro title in WP making it 4 titles and being the first to ever switch a category and title in both and qualify for both BB and WP in the Olympa Olympia 2019 they didnt place me, why? politics no one can be that good unless you belong to someone and im a total lone wolf in my sport and proud of every accomplishment because it was not paid for.. i always respect the stage and honor my sport and every athlete who never had their way paved for them..
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