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  • Height:5'10"
  • Weight:176lbs / 79kg
  • Division:Bodybuilding
  • Languages:English, German
  • Max Lifts:160kg squats, 110kg benchpress, 140kg deadlift, 440kg 45degrees legpress, 30kg bicepscurl each arm dumbell
  • Athletic Background:When I was 14 years old I began with bodybuilding. I decided to do this sport with all my lifeblood and with full dedication- Cause it's not just a sport, it's a lifestyle and a full-time-job. Before I noticed that, I've done a lot of other sports, like handball, basketball, soccer and running. I hope to motivate other people, to do sports, especially bodybuilding, with passion and fun. And it's always great to hear from people that I am a role model for them.
  • Competitive Accomplishments:5th place German Natural Federation in Bodybuildingclass 2016 5th place NAC Figureclass 2014
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