The Pretty Tank

Offline (Last Online: 2023-12-08 22:09:17)
  • Height:5'10"
  • Weight:193lbs / 87kg
  • Division:Women's Physique ; Women's Bodybuilding
  • Languages:English
  • Max Lifts:Deadlift: 395 x2 lb Bench: 225lb X 10 reps Squat: 315lb X 8 reps (no max out yet) Dumbell Curls: 45lb each hand x 12 reps max one time dumbbell curl at 70lbs leg press: 1055lb
  • Athletic Background:Track & Volleyball in high school; Weight Lifting the last few years; Lifelong powerlifter; Just started my 2018 bulk season (august 2018)
  • Competitive Accomplishments:just in love with the weight room love bodybuilding, being strong and getting huge
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