• Height:5'5"
  • Weight:160lbs / 72kg
  • Languages:english,spanish
  • Max Lifts:I can do 70 strict chin-ups without stopping, and 30 straight one-armed chins! I’m only 21 and freaky strong… and getting stronger every day. 25kg (55 lbs) bicep curls with each arm for reps -- let me show you! 100 pushups… heavy squats and leg presses too.
  • Athletic Background:Power lifter, fitness, MMA training for 4 years, and still training. My entire body is as hard as a rock. Abs, pecs, arms I arm wrestle guys in the gym and haven’t lost in years! a unique combination of strength, beauty, and confidence.
  • Competitive Accomplishments:Ifbb figure athlete,won few competitions
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