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  • Height:5'8"
  • Weight:221lbs / 100kg
  • Division:Strongwomen
  • Languages:English
  • Max Lifts:Bench Press 300 lbs Squat 507lbs Deadlift 573 lbs
  • Athletic Background:-Professional Athlete : STRONGWOMEN,POWERLIFTING -WORLD RECORD HOLDER CERTIFICATE WINNER for records : super yoke 337 kg , 15 m in 27 sec - 1 Place Arnold Classic Europe 2021 -EUROPE ‘s StrongestWomen 2018 -Record holder at log lift (100 kg) and tire flip ( 400 kg) -1st Place Ukraine Europe Cup 2019 -3rd Place Slovakia Europe Team Championship 2019 -1st Place Legion Sport Festival Open Strongwomen ,Long Beach, USA 2019 -2nd Place Arnold Classic Europe 2018 -3rd Place World Championship Norway 2018 -1st Place „World Gym Academy” Bench Press and Deadlift 2018 -2nd Place European Team Mix Strongwomen and man Championship, Ukraine 2018 -3rd Place „Body Power” International Stronwomen competition , Birmingham,Great Britain 2017 -3rd Place Balaton Lake Strongwomen International Championship 2017 -1st place „Strongwomen Carei 2017” - 5th Place Europe Championship Truck Pull 2016 -1st place „Vitabolic deadlift „ 2016 -4th Place European Log and Deadlift Championship ,London,Great Britain 2016 -1st Place ” Tiger Classic” Powerlifting competition , 2015 -2nd Place „Tiger Classic „Bench Press , Bucuresti ,Romania 2015 And much more Nationals and Internationals Strongwomen Competitions and Coups KICKBOXER RECORDS: 9 years Performances as a kickboxer with multiple results in Nationals and Internationals Championships : -kick boxing referee since 2010 -1st Place INTERNATIONAL KICKBOXING 2011 -3 timesNATIONAL CHAMPION in KICKBOXING -1st Place KICKBOXING FULL CONTACT 2012 5 years Performances as a Rugby Player with multiple results in Nationals and Internationals Competitions

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