• Height:5'6"
  • Weight:150lbs / 68kg
  • Division:Physique, bodybuilding
  • Languages:English
  • Max Lifts

    If you don't want to kill yourself, you won't do max lifts because later on in life you will pay for it. However, in the past, at 18 years old, my max lifts was a 250lb squat, 600lb leg press and 175lb bench press. Now, since everyone is asking, my max are: 250lbs squats, 620lbs leg press, 225lb bench press, 40lb dumbbell curls, 80lb barbell curls.
  • Athletic Background

    I've been in bodybuilding all of my life. I started training in 1986. I began competing at 15. I've been training longer than most people have been alive. LOL.
  • Competitive Accomplishments

    Gold's Classic Middleweight Division 1st Place. 1989 BC's Middleweight Division 1st Place 1989 Amateur Bodybuilding Competition 1st Place 1989 Women's Heavyweight Open 2nd Place 2008 Women's Heavyweight Masters Division 2nd Place 2008 Women's Heavyweight Open Bodybuilding 1st Place 2019 Women's Masters Bodybuilding 1st Place 2019 Women's Best Overall Women's Masters Physique 1st Place 2019 Women's Open Physique 2nd Place 2019