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  • Height:5'2"
  • Weight:125lbs / 56kg
  • Division:Professional Athlete
  • Languages:English
  • Max Lifts

    90 kg - deadlift, 360 kg - leg press, 100 kg - squat
  • Athletic Background

    I am a professional athlete in karate for 25 years. Besides Karate, i've been doing many kind of sports as : volleyball and football, handball. I am planning this year 2021 to compete in my first competition of Bodybuilding Women's Physique category :D.
  • Competitive Accomplishments

    My latest accomplishments in 2019: - 2X gold medal at the Goju Ryu World Championship in Malaysia - 1 gold medal at the Shito Ryu European Championship - Gold medal at the National Championship - Gold medal at the Open karate - Gold medal at the Goju Ryu National Championship