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  • Height:5'8"
  • Weight:143lbs / 64kg
  • Division:Fitness+Bikini
  • Languages:English, Deutsch, Esperanto
  • Max Lifts:Push-ups 80 times Deadlift 120 kg/243 Ibs; Curl biceps one hand: 15 kg/33 Ibs; Bench leg press 200 kg/330 Ibs; More than 200 squats with weights
  • Athletic Background:Previously I did gymnastics, now I am a powerlifting beginner. Also I do many strength training, acrobatics and even ballet! I harmoniously train my strong body, including for participation in the triathlon. My nice sculptured muscles and talent to be realized at different loads
  • Competitive Accomplishments:Everything is ahead, all contests and competitions will be conquered by me!
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