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  • Height:5'3"
  • Weight:185lbs / 83kg
  • Languages:Spanish English italian
  • Max Lifts:200kg squat 600kg leg press 120kg dead lift biceps curl 25kg each side hack squats 360kg hipstrust 380kg I love to flex and show my muscle power, want to grow as much as i can if you can support me will be great :) help your goddess to be the biggest FBB :)
  • Athletic Background:I STARTED AT 15 YEARS OLD :) NOW 29 15 YEARS OF THIS LOVELY SPORT AND PASION:) LOVE TO POSE AND FLEX,, MY PASSION IS BODYBUILDING AND I LOVE TO SHOW OFF MY BODY TO ALL MY FANS :) Posing & Flexing, Lifting Weights, Roleplays, Fetishes, Foot Fetish, Domination/Humiliation/Mistress, Muscle Worship, Facesitting, Small Cock Humiliation, Strapon Play, Muscle Growth/ Armwrestlin
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