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  • Height:5'7"
  • Weight:116lbs / 52kg
  • Languages:English
  • Max Lifts:Never tried my maximum limits, cause I think no big weight it's important in a great shape, but the correct way to do those exercise matter (to feel them good when ure muscles burns). However I will check someday my limits and update this info. But for make an image I regulary do when I'm rest: - squats with 50 kg, press legs with 100 kg, chest/shoulders push up bar with 60 kg, biceps curls 12.5 kg, chest/shoulders push up with dumbles of 17.5 kg, trapez with bar 60 kg, trapez dumbles 18 kg, row dumbles 30 kg, row machine 45 kg, pull down 45 kg, legs diff machines 45 kg
  • Competitive Accomplishments:Not yet. Maybe in future

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