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  • Height:5'3"
  • Weight:178lbs / 80kg
  • Division:Ifbb pro league Australia
  • Languages:English
  • Max Lifts:Leg press - 430kg, Hack squat - 200kg , Bicep curls - 20kg a side , hammer curls 25kg a side , Hip thrust 340kg and love curling little men
  • Athletic Background:When I was younger I used to participate in gymnastics then became a runner. At 15 years old I decided to start the gym and met amazing mentors who guided me to get on stage at 16 years old. Fell In love with building muscle ever since and will only continue to grow bigger. My goal is to get to 85 - 90kg one day so im here to showcase my journey in getting there !
  • Competitive Accomplishments:IFBB wellness overall champ 2019 IFBB wellness 2nd Nationals 2019 IFBB wellness 2nd nationals 2020 Certified muscle mommy
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