NiceMuscleGirl (FBB)

Offline (Last Online: 2024-02-23 10:09:11)
  • Height:5'2"
  • Weight:176lbs / 79kg
  • Division:Women's Bodybuilding, moving up from Women's Physique
  • Languages:ENGLISH
  • Max Lifts:Bench press- 160kg Squat- 220 kg Deadlift 245kg I like to get into it and crack on too much to power lift anymore but yet ....
  • Athletic Background:I have always trained - competitive swimming (now I sink), Ballet, sprinting but my home has always been the weights room. HBC has allowed me to add size for bodybuilding division. I am 5 ft 1 1/2. I am Irish living in Scotland. 18" biceps and can twerk until your dizzy
  • Competitive Accomplishments:IBFF Athlete. 1st in all regional qualifiers in women's physique division. Currently moving up to female bodybuilding. 8 years dance training and a finalist for the long distance junior swim team. Regular MMA and Kali training and self defence trainer.
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