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  • Height:5'7"
  • Weight:156lbs / 70kg
  • Division:Powerlifting
  • Languages:Full Russian, English with dictionary)
  • Max Lifts:SQ RAW 225 kg BP RAW 137,5 kg on 3 (100 kg on 10 reps) DL RAW 250 kg, in equip 275 kg, and 300 kg with height 15 sm.(b/w 85 kg) NOW BP RAW 100 kg on 2-3 reps. (b/w 70 kg)
  • Athletic Background:Natural atlete, Fitness, Athletic, World Junior Champion in powerlifting.
  • Competitive Accomplishments:2011 IPF World Powerlifting Championships, Canada, Moose Jaw, 1 place. (b/w 76 kg) 2012 IPF World Powerlifting Championships, Poland, Szczyrk, 1st place. (b/w 80 kg) 2012 IPF World Cup Asian Bench Press, Kazakhstan, Almaty, 1st place. (b/w 84 kg) 2013 IPF World Bench Press Championships, Lithuania, Kaunas, 1 st place. Overall champion.(b/w 83 kg) 2013 IPF Cup World RAW Powerlifting Russia, Suzdal 1 place (b/w 83 kg) 2013 oct. 7 CUP GOLDEN TIGER 250 kg RAW DEADLIFT (within snow, record), Russia,Ekaterinburg. (b/w 85) As well as championships in Kazakhstan for more than 10 Medals(1 place and much record). Of official documents: card-book IMOS (international master of sports in KZ), diplomas and medals. 2 years the light workouts and -20 kg. It was a working form of 88 kg, 92 maximum. 2016 may Memorial Cup 207,5 kg RAW Deadlift (b/w 69 kg), Russia, Chelyabinsk.
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