IFBB Pro Pam

Offline (Last Online: 2023-06-17 11:45:33)
  • Height:5'
  • Weight:150lbs / 68kg
  • Division:IFBB Pro Bodybuilding
  • Max Lifts:Squat: 315 lb Bench: 240 lb Curl Single: 45 lb Deadlift: 365 lb
  • Athletic Background:I've been an athlete all my life. I started playing Ice Hockey at 12 and did track and field through out high school. I started competitive bodybuilding in 1985 after training for two years as a power lifter.
  • Competitive Accomplishments:I've been competing since 1985. I received my IFBB Pro status in the Middle weight Womens Bodybuilding devision at USA's 2018 Visit my website at pamelahannam.com to view photos, see my contest history and make donations for my upcoming season
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