Ripped Reiley.

Offline (Last Online: 2019-09-21 at 09:18 PM EST)
  • Height:5'2
  • Weight:146lbs / 66kg
  • Languages:English
  • Max Lifts

    Bench Press 235lbs Squats 275lbs Wide grip pull-ups 14x 4 sets Max with 60lbs Dumbbell Curls 40lbs Shoulder press Dumb 60lbs
  • Athletic Background

    30 years Dance and 2.5 years of training for Womens Physique & Bodybuilding.
  • Competitive Accomplishments

    2018 NPC Iron Games Womens Physique Overall Champion USAs 2019-3rd Place Womens Physique North Americans 2019-1st Place & Overall Womens Bodybuilding