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  • Height:5'7"
  • Weight:149lbs / 67kg
  • Division:Bikini
  • Languages:english, italian, little spanish, little french
  • Max Lifts:I don’t practice powerlifting...but I am pretty strong for a natural bikini girl.:D
  • Athletic Background:I’ve been sportive since I was a child. I started with olympic weightlifting when I was 12 years old, but then my mom said that s a sport for boys and I gave up. Even so, when I went to high-school I started to train again, but this time more feminine (lots of cardio, aerobic and of course fitness). Lately I have discovered fitness competitions and last year I decided to compete. I got in love with the stage and my biggest dream now is to become an IFBB BIKINI PRO.
  • Competitive Accomplishments:4 x First place bikini in my class - IFBB Pro qualifier contest
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