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  • Height:5'4"
  • Weight:137lbs / 62kg
  • Division:I do not do nude, topless, lewd and sexual I am a real athlete whenever you do not ask please!
  • Languages:English, italy, espania
  • Max Lifts

    83kg bench 3reps 42kg in both hands 8reps Wrongbar 60kg free weights 2reps new record! Rock Muscle!! ???????? SQUAT PR 106KG (1SET 3REPS & 1SET 4REPS)
  • Athletic Background

    I’m a professional Athlete in Shot Putt junior!! My career has just started!! ????????????✊????????❤️ I’m a professional athlete and teacher for Holder 3 Dan in Taekwondo ???????????? Amateur athlete in Natural Fitness Bodybuilding(Very Strong Genetics ???? I have a totally physique body) ????‍♀️????