VanessaFlex (Long break, but i will be back. Can't wait to see you again, guys. I will miss you

Offline (Last Online: 2023-09-17 19:31:21)
  • Height:5'4"
  • Weight:133lbs / 60kg
  • Division:Figure
  • Languages:English, Spanish, Italian
  • Max Lifts:Bench press 65 kgs, Deadlift 90 kgs, Squats 90 kgs, Biceps curl 18 kg, Dumbbell row 22 kg
  • Athletic Background:Athletics, Running, Jogging, Handball, Soccer, Karate
  • Competitive Accomplishments:Figure Division 1st place - Women's Figure Novice 1st place - Women's Figure Masters 35+ 1st place - Open class Overall Women's Figure
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