The Tiny Tank

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  • Height:5'2"
  • Weight:165lbs / 74kg
  • Division:WPD,Bodybuilding
  • Languages:english
  • Max Lifts:418 lbs conventional deadlift 1RM 355 lbs conventional deadlift x 9 440lbs sumo 1RM 405lbs barbell back squat 1RM 315 lbs barbell back squat x 13reps 180lbs inclined barbell presses x4reps 225 lbs bench press 1RM
  • Athletic Background:Muay Thai, running,HIIIT, powerlifting,bodybuilding
  • Competitive Accomplishments:Muscle Mania IFE-17 Figure 1st Muscle Mania Las Vegas-18 Figure 6th Vancouver Pro-19 Figure 1st place Womens Physique 3rd NPC AZ rising phoenix 1st physique 2nd bodybuilding Arnold 2022 3rd WPD Deep Root 73kg women powerlifting 1st

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