Become a Model

Welcome is a webcam site dedicated to serving fans of all types of muscular female physiques from fitness models to female bodybuilders. Run jointly by the webmasters of and, HerBicepsCam brings all types of fit women together with their fans in a profitable and enjoyable interactive environment. If you have a fit or muscular physique, a fun personality and don't mind flexing for muscle fans, then you can broadcast from home, perform on our system, and make good money doing it.


The only requirements are that you are 18 years or older, have a high speed internet connection, and you must have a high-definition (HD) webcam, which will cost about $50-100 if you don't already have one. If you don't have a webcam, you can go out and buy one at your local electronics store. We suggest the Logitech HD Pro C920 (or similar) model which currently runs about $65 in the US and a bit more internationally. It should only take a short amount of time to recoup this investment.

Be Your Own Boss

You are the one in charge of your own webcam broadcasts. You go on whenever you like and decide what to wear. You set up your webcam at home and the system broadcasts your image and voice live to our customers. You also get to set your room's prices for premium chat. Most performers charge $2-4 per minute. We also allow (but don't require) our performers to offer "fantasy chat" (priced at $4-$7 per minute) where we let the performers go topless and again, that's just an option that some of the girls take advantage of - it's not at all mandatory and you can make good money whether you choose to offer this or not.

Webcam Basics

When folks log in to your free chat, they can see and hear you and you will see them type in the chat room. The free room is a holding area and a way to interact with the members online who can then choose to take you to a private chat where they pay your per minute rate in exchange for a posing show and your private attention.

If anybody gets out of line, you have the power to kick them out of the room. But for the most part, we're told that our customers are courteous and friendly.

You aren't responsible for any billing/server/advertising costs; you receive a starting commission of 40% of all the money spent in your room and your commission goes up to 50% very quickly as you reach earnings milestones. We pay out twice a month.

How well you do and how much money you make is largely up to you. This should be a really fun way to make some money, but it's just like any business. It's all about developing relationships with the customers and giving them value for their money.

Next Steps

The next step would be to talk on the phone if you have more questions or if you do want to give it a try. There's no minimum time commitment, no contracts to can try it and decide it's not for you and there's really nothing lost.

If you are interested, look below for the signup page (in the bottom footer) or copy and paste this link... 

...and submit your information and myself or our performer liaison, Jennifer, will give you a call to talk in more detail and/or get you set up with us.